Dear Gisela
Namaste! I hope you are fine and in good health out there. I am being update the news of Nepal by my brother Mhindup Lama who is taking care of “Maitri-Griha”at this moment. We are very happy to hear about the sponsorship amount of 1000 Euro to “Maitri-Griha” again  for  rebuilding the earth quake damaged. We would like to thank all of your board for showing us kindness again by helping in rebuilding “Maitri-Griha”. After the tragic disaster our home remained closed for few months but we start it again. Since,it is very important for the children to get refreshed and get to the normal life. We made a tin-roof shelter in Maitri-Griha garden to run the classes and it is still going on, still the aftershocks are continuously coming and the heavy monsoon. Lifes are getting more and more miserable not only because of disaster also because of political crisis going in Nepal.

Terai is completely meshed up with  injuries and dying of protestor and the security forces. We are very very sad in having the situation of Nepal like this, we hope there will be good talks and Negotiation among the political parties and move peacefully in making the constitution of Nepal.

Well, Gisela as we told you in the previous email that we are trying to buy a land for our children home ”Maitri-Griha” to have permanent settlement . So,we are looking for a small piece of land near Tinchuli boudha, and we raised 26000 euro for this and still in need of 4000 thousand Euro. As the total cost including tax and every thing will cost around 30000 thousand Euro. If is it possible we would like to use your money in buying a land of “Maitri-Griha”. We are working like “drops of water make a ocean “ and we are almost near to it.

I can sent photos and can show you the place when you are in Nepal in November. Many of our volunteers cancel their coming to Nepal and we are quite unhappy with it  but cannot do anything which means no income from the  volunteers room. As we used to sell our room for the volunteers and the money we get from them used for the running of the project. We hope everything will get balanced soon and maintain peace.

My phone number is 9851160837.

I hope to see you when you are in Nepal.

Lots of regards

Pema Lama “Maitri-Griha” family