First of all, Namaste and Tashi Dhelek on behalf of all the Maitri-Griha family. Here, we have prepared a short report of Maitri-Griha daily activities and the new children. We hope it will find you in good health and you all will enjoy reading it.

Maitri Griha

2022 year looks to be a good year for Maitri Griha and the children. As we can operate project regularly like before Covid-19 time. It's good news that now more tourists can visit Nepal and the country like Nepal, whose economy also depend on tourism. Also good for Maitri-Griha ,if someone is interested in doing volunteer work at our place they can join easily.

Recently, we have nine children, four of them are in basic class and five of them are in advance class. Bigger boys are focus on vocational Training, like making candles, necklace, pottery and household work, like helping in the kitchen and gardening. For the small children we are teaching them basic activities of daily living as well as beads, puzzle and many more mental developmental activities.

Zenia matching photo Gita taking a group activity
Candle training Food tasting/cutting


Gita is doing very good in physiotherapy. She gave therapy to five children every day along with it she also conduct some fine motor skills development activities. The priority is given depending on the severity of the children. We are also trying to extend our services of home visit and serve all the needy children who can benefit from us.

Nima getting speech therapy Aayuas getting physical exercise

New child

Aayuas Thapa is a 8 year old boy. He lives in Kapan with his family. He is the youngest son of the family. They move from Okhaldhunga village to Kathmandu in search of a school where they can educate their child. We came across with this family during home visit service. The family were very happy to see us. Aayuas has a problem in walking and he needs lot of physiotherapy. Also, he has frequent seizures. We hope MG will be a nice place where he can learn and develop a lot.

Aayuas Thapa

Outing program

The outing program is the best way to integrate our children to the society and the children learns many things when they go out. In the group they enjoy all the activities together. At home children are tied with some rules and they couldn’t express their opinion openly, but when we go out together, they all are so happy and relaxed, due to friendly environment. All our children enjoy going outing activity, on top of it people also know more about our project and our services.

Pictures of outing program

Our planning

This year we are planning to complete the Maitri-Griha Building. As you all know, we have planned this since 2020 but unfortunately a pandemic came and stopped our planning. As you all may know, after the earthquake we started our own shelter. At that time we bought land, and at the same time we built a building. We had a tough time but luckily with support from you all we could able to build a ground floor. Likewise we built the second floor and Now we would like to complete this whole building and create sufficient room for all the activities, we are in need of large physiotherapy room and our plan is to make the top floor bigger room for physiotherapy. We hope you all will help us this time too to complete the top floor construction.

Top floor view of Maitri-Griha


We would like to thank all the Institutions, organizations, sponsors, well-wishers, volunteers and friends of “Maitri-Griha” for your support and cooperation. We need your love and support further in the coming days.

Maitri Griha
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