First of all, Namaste and Tashi Dhelek on behalf of all Maitri-Griha Family. Here we have made a Newsletter, to let you know What is happening at Maitri-Griha, we are very happy to inform you about the project and activities. We do hope you will be happy to read this Newsletter.

All the children are doing fine along with our staff and the children are progressing and staff are working hard to help the children to have great fun by making a good learning environment. We believe that having fun at school helps the children to make progress and motivate them to be at Maitri-Griha.


As the whole country was affected by Coronavirus. Our Maitri-Griha was also closed from March 2020, it almost closed for ten month and from 29thJanuary 2021 we reopened Maitri-Griha. We are happy that after a long-time child are back to Maitri-Griha. During the time of Lockdown we support and help many people, who desperately need help. During the lockdown too we delivered education materials to the children so that they do not get bored in small room,so to make them refresh and engaged. We are happy that after a long time children are back to Maitri-Griha. We know how happy the children are and how much they miss Maitri-Griha. We waited for a very long time to reopen our Maitri-Griha as the covid cases decreased in the country, the government slowly opened all the sectors and gave permission to open school and day care centers by maintaining all the precautions and safety.

Class Activities

We have twelve children in our Day care center, seven in a basic class and five in Advance. After a covid we couldn’t run the classes as before due to the absence of Miss; Dawa Yangri. She was pregnant and now she has a baby. So, we do the combined classes. These days Gita is looking for a basic class, we close a physiotherapy class and pottery classes. Sending children outside is risky at this time so we close for some time, we will continue it after the corona virus is under control.

Extra activities in Maitri_Griha

Nepal is a spiritual country, where different ethnic groups of people are living with different religions and cultures. So Nepal is rich in culture and many festivals are taking every year.Amongst all we also celebrate some of the festivals which are connected to our children because it’s a part of the lesson to the children . From it they can connect with society and learn about different festivals and cultures in Nepal.

  • On 16thFebruary we celebrated Saraswati puja (goddess of knowledge).
  • On 28thMarch we celebrate Holi (colour festival). On this day we put a color on the faces of friends ,
    relatives and wish to each other.with younger people they played a water balloon to each other but this
    year we didn’t do as last year due to covid . We just put tika on the forehead of children and celebrate it.
  • On 14thApril it was Nepali new year , we have planned to do an outing program for the refreshment of
    children but we feel it's not safe so we celebrate inside the Maitri-Griha . We make mo;mo and celebrate it.


Finally, thank you for your great help. Without your generous support we would not be able to help all those needy people. This year 2020 was really hard time for all of us. Your trust on us and our dedication on project and strong bond between us, have really made big and very important support for the people in this hard time. As soon the Corona virus is under control, we hope, we will be able to run our day care center and welcome our children on regular basis. It will take long time and long procedure until everything gets normal. Our children from Maitri -Griha are at home for very long time. It will be very challenging job for us to bring them again to Maitri -Griha and manage as like before. We do hope, it will happen very soon. We do really appreciate your support for the project, your great support motivate us to work harder and we give our best to keep this project alive. Once again for you all, from the bottom of our heart, “THANK YOU”


We would like to thank all Institutions, organizations, sponsors, well-wishers, volunteers and friends of “Maitri-Griha” for your support and co-operation during this pandemic. We need your love and support further in coming days.

Maitri Griha
Gokarneshwor-9, Aarubari, Kathmandu, Nepal, G.P.O Box: 23741
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