Namaste and Tashi Dhelek on behalf of all Maitri-Griha families. We do hope that you all are good in this difficult time. We know that you all will be happy to know something about Maitri-Griha. Here we have prepared a newsletter of Maitri-Griha. What is happening in Maitri-Griha, what is the situation of children and what Maitri-Griha is doing right now. We are very happy to inform you about the project and its activities. We hope you will enjoy reading it, whether it's good or bad news. But by sharing with you all we feel very happy that you are informed about our little project.

Maitri Griha

As we all know that Nepal has become the hotspot of covid-19 recently. Each day the death rate was reached to very high number and the infected rate was crossing above control level. As the number of covid patient raised, the Nepal health system couldn’t handle all this burden at once because Nepal doesn't have enough hospitals, doctors and personal protective kits. As well the situation of politics is unstable in Nepal and the country is facing the problem of covid-19 at the same time. The Nepal government is trying their best to help and they are asking help from the NGO/INGO too. They humbly request all the NGO/INGO how much you can help to your community. So, we didn’t step back, we stepped forward to help our community, society at this pandemic.

We couldn’t run our Maitri-Griha properly, after the first phase of corona pandemic was over, just for three month we reopen and again the second phase of pandemic started from 28th April 2021, but this time the case was not as like last year, we just hear people dying in another country but this year we saw around us and how danger corona is, many people lost their families and beloved ones. So, we closed Maitri-Griha, we contact our children and tell their parents to do activities at home, don’t let their child out of the home. We delivered educational material at their home.

Again, the second lock down hit hard to the family, who work on daily base wage. This time too we distributed Food packages to the needy family and people from the community, who desperately need our help and also this time, there was shortage of oxygen and health equipment in Nepal. We distributed health equipment and portable Oxygen cylinder. Which was very important and saved life of many people.

Food packages and Medical Equipment distribution programme

On 30th June we distributed 3rd time Food package to the people. Who contact us for help to provide them Food, lentils and oil for them.


On 27th may we started to distribute food packages to our children’s family. We gave a sack of rice ,2kg of dal, salt, cooking oil and shops. This is our second lot of Food distribution program, after first phase of lockdown in 2021.

On 10th May we did medical equipment distribution programme in collaboration with Sichya Netherland in Ramechhap. We distributed two Oxygen Cylinder,1250pcs mask, 350pcs surgical gloves, 15pcs faceshield, 12pcs PPE, medicine related to common cold, fever, headache and some vitamins for old people. We distributed it in a two different village community and to individual villagers, who need it. Both the community was facing the problem of these health equipment. In their health post they didn’t have all this, after we delivered all these equipment’s, all the villagers were happy and they feel that now they can fight against covid-19. This time oxygen shortage in Nepal and India really made big problem in Hospital. The people in village were even more left behind. Our little support was really lifesaving project and the best help that we could offer to the community.


Finally, we would like thank you all for your great support. Without your generous support, our plan and vision would not have worked so effectively and swiftly. The year 2020 and 2021 has put us all in big trouble. But it has also shown, how kind and supportive to each other we people are, when we are in trouble.

Still corona virus is not under fully control in Nepal. Therefore, we need to wait for some time to reopen this project. We know, the children are suffering at home but on the other hand, once it is spread, it will even make the situation worst. we are also looking for the government new rules and regulations. Until then we must wait and rather work with care and providing learning materials to the children through home delivery service.

Without your help, many people would have gone to bed empty stomach, many children would have cried for food. Your love and care to others have shown how great you are, so, just two words for you “Thank you”.


We would like to thank all Institutions, organizations, sponsors, well-wishers, volunteers and friends of “Maitri- Griha” for your support and cooperation during this hard time.

Pandemic is not yet over in Nepal and all over the world, stay safe and healthy. Once again thank you so much for you love and care.

Maitri Griha
Gokarneshwor-9, Aarubari, Kathmandu, Nepal, G.P.O Box: 23741
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